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7th November 2008 - Be Broadband wins Which accolade
10th October 2008 - Eclipse launches new line of 24Mb packages
9th October 2008 - O2 making moves on mobile broadband
5th August 2008 - Broadband uptake remains broadly positive
3rd July 2008 - Sierra Wireless Compass modem launched

Be Broadband wins Which accolade

Be Broadband has recently achieved over 85% in a customer satisfaction survey in an independent survey conducted by Which?, the consumer advice organisation.
The customer satisfaction score was based on both overall satisfaction and endorsement: the likelihood of recommending the ISP to a friend. The average customer satisfaction score was 49%. As a result of the survey, Which? awarded Be Broadband a Best Buy award that recognises their high percentage of satisfied customers.

Criteria for the coveted award include overall satisfaction, customer service, ease of setup, connection speed, reliability and technical support.

Felix Geyr, Managing Director of Be Broadband, said "This award is a reflection of the hard work that the Be team puts into providing the best possible service to our members. Gaining such a high percentage in this independent survey shows the benefits of being a Be member. Along with a range of initiatives, such as Be Gamer, that bring added value to our members, Be will continue to offer a quality broadband service to all of our members."

The Which? survey was carried out through an online survey among members of the Which? online survey panel between 1st May and 20th May 2008 of which 18,876 were broadband users.

Date : 7th November 2008 - 3:23pm

Eclipse launches new line of 24Mb packages

Fast broadband just got cheaper!

Eclipse Internet have launched a range of packages that can provide speeds of up to 24Mb to domestic customers.

The fast speeds are only achievable for those who live close to the exchange, but even those who live a kilometre or more away could be seeing speeds around 20 Mbps - three times faster than the usual 8Mbps provision of many ISPs.

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Date : 10th October 2008 - 2:28pm

O2 making moves on mobile broadband

Combined fixed--mobile operators would do well to follow the example of O2 UK and bundle fixed broadband with a mobile broadband subscription, say analysts.

Bundlings of the fixed-line and mobile subscription broadband packages can lead to synergies and cross-selling that will build on the subscriber base at a relatively low customer acquisition cost.

O2 UK has been offering subscriptions of one year 8Mbit DSL when the customer signs up for the standard mobile broadband service.

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Date : 9th October 2008 - 1:52pm

Broadband uptake remains broadly positive

Reviews of figures released by major ISPs shows that broadband uptake is beginning to slow, but by no means as fast as some might have feared.

A recent survey shows that the number of new lines per quarter is approximately half what it was in the peak of 2005 / 2006 but the number of new lines is still about half a million per quarter.

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Date : 5th August 2008 - 1:39pm

Sierra Wireless Compass modem launched

O2 and Sierra Wireless today announced the world's first commercial launch of the Sierra Wireless Compass 885 USB Modem on the O2 network in the UK.

Designed for mobile professionals, laptop computer users and frequent travellers, the O2 Business USB modem has a smaller, more durable USB design with download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps (megabits per second) and upload speeds of up to 2 Mbps.

The O2 Business USB modem can be purchased through O2 direct, corporate and business sales channels and online through O2 Broadband.

Wireless travellers increasingly are the target of new broadband technology...

Date : 3rd July 2008 - 1:05pm

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