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16th June 2009 - Be Broadband For Students Special discount
27th May 2009 - No hope for some in UK broadband survey
19th March 2009 - O2 Top the best Broadband Providers for Customer Service
29th January 2009 - Universal Broadband wars continue
15th December 2008 - Virgin ups speed leage

Be Broadband For Students Special discount

Be Broadband are offering students a great saving on their broadband connections this summer. For sign ups by students before 30th June there will be three months free on 12 month contracts. No need to pay until term starts!

Check out the Be Broadband Webpage for further information !

Date : 16th June 2009 - 11:02am

No hope for some in UK broadband survey

Maps of the UK have appeared showing that a number of properties from Lewis in the Western Isles to remote parts of English counties are not able to receive broadband services.

Samples of UK postcodes with information about services procided have shown that the line length - the critical factor in ADSL provision of broadband - can be too long to deliver super fast broadband services.

UK Broadband World shows users exactly how fast their connection will go by use of the postcode.

To get 2 megabits per second or better, you really need to be within 2 and a half miles of the telephone exchange. As the cable runs, not the bird flies!

Date : 27th May 2009 - 4:19pm

O2 Top the best Broadband Providers for Customer Service

Latest news on broadband providers based on customer service quality :

O2 are top !

Be Broadband are second placed, and PlusNet are third.

Following them,in fourth fifth and sixth places are Sky,

Virgin and BT.

UK Broadband World carries many offers from leading Broadband providers in the UK. Check the leading players out here.

Date : 19th March 2009 - 3:23pm

Universal Broadband wars continue

The Government has been accused of backtracking on a commitment to fast broadband - saying one thing, and doing another?!

The opposition parties were especially critical of the government's commitment to broadband speeds "up to" 2Mbps as part of its pledge to offer universal broadband access by 2012.

Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, argued the government's commitment to 2Mbps broadband for every UK home was pitifully low since the country's current average access speed is 3.6Mbps.

He said that the report itself acknowledged Britain was lagging behind France, Germany, the US and Japan when it came to broadband speeds. "Forty per cent of our households do not have broadband at all and connections actually fell last year," he added.

Date : 29th January 2009 - 4:15pm

Virgin ups speed leage

With promised speeds of up to 50 Megabits a Second, the new Virgin offering has escalated the speed war in the UK bradband market.

Now eclipsing the 24Mbps speed offered by Be, the Virgin cable offering is reaching new capabilities which previously would only be available on a local area network (like full sized video streaming - what's that TV for again?)

Look out here on Virgin Broadband to get your share of super high speed broadband !

Date : 15th December 2008 - 1:41pm

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