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Recommended: BT Total Broadband Option 1

We currently recommend BT Total Broadband as the perfect all in solution for a secure home broadband connection. It comes bundled with the new BT Home Hub (Pictured Right). With all the glamour of an iPod the BT Home Hub will look great in any living room. You get an 8Mb wireless broadband connection, built-in security and 250 BT Openzone Wi-Fi minutes.

If you go for Option 3 you'll get a free BT Hub phone that sits very nicely in the Home Hub and allows you to make free evening and weekend BT Brodband Talk calls.

The BT Home Hub can be updated remotely, allowing BT to bring you exciting new developments such as TV and video-on-demand in the very near future.

All in all it's a very exciting offering and with remote updating constantly bringing you new features we think BT Total Broadband is a must have!

BT Total Broadband - Option 1    £7.78    

Special OfferBT Total Broadband Option 1 is just £7.78 for the first 3 months, and £15.65 thereafer, if you take an 18 month contract.
Special Offer5GB secure online storage with BT Digital Vault Protect your photos, personal videos and precious files back them up in your personal online BT Digital Vault.
Special OfferFREE evening and weekend UK phone calls over the internet with BT Broadband Talk.
Special Offer250 FREE WiFi minutes per month - allows you to go online from any internet hotspot at cafés, hotels, stations, pubs and airports around the world.
SpeedUp to 8Mb
Monthly Usage2Gb monthly usage
SecurityOption 1 helps protect you and your computer with basic security features, including:
  • Email anti-virus and spam filter
  • Anti-spyware protection
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Online fraud prevention
  • Parental controls to help block unsuitable websites
  • FREE Broadband Modem Router (USB and Ethernet)
  • Upgrade to a wireless BT Home Hub for only £30.
Website SpaceBuild your own website with free, easy-to-use software and 15Mb of web space.
Email Accounts
  • Includes 5 separate email addresses
  • Includes massive 2Gb storage for primary email address
  • plus 1Gb for each additional email address
Game Console SupportBT Total Brodband is fully compatible with the Xbox Live and Playstation 2 online gaming services.
Apple Mac CompatibleMac OS 10.2.4 or higher is supported.
Help & Support
  • Free online help is available at all times
  • 24/7 telephone support is available at local call rates.
Photo Album'Share your favourite photos online with friends and family with unlimited online storage'
BT Broadband TalkFREE UK Evening and Weekend calls
  • With great value calling plans you can enjoy free UK Evening and Weekend calls, and low rate international calls and calls to mobile numbers.
  • Make and receive low cost calls over your PC with BT Broadband Talk
High Definition Sound - Hi-dS
  • With Hi-dS High Definition Sound you enjoy a better quality of conversation with improved voice calls when speaking to others with the Hub handset.

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